The Trailblazers Cup is a one-make BOP series, and is a prerequisite for all new drivers to the Trailblazers server. This is regardless of driver skill levels (minimum stands apply), to compete in before they can transition to the main series’.

The introduction of this series is to maintain the close, fun, fast and clean door to door racing our drivers have all enjoyed.

It will also ensure that new drivers will have a place to race with Trailblazers, as no new drivers will be added to lobbies during the season.

This series will also accommodate those drivers that do not meet the qualification criteria for the main Trailblazers Series.

The Trailblazers Cup will be run on Wednesday nights, using the Mazda Roadster Touring carĀ  (upgraded to NS300), for rounds 1-3. For rounds 4-6, drivers will race the GR4 Aston Martin, while Rounds 7-9 drivers will race the GR3 Porsche 911 RSR.

The Trailblazers Cup will feature two races per round, with a 15 minute break between races.