This League has been formed with a Merger of two Australian based Racing Leagues, Trans Tasman Zambe Racing (originally Aus/NZ GT Sport League) and the Action Endurance League.

Trans Tasman has been an Australian and New Zealand only racing league started in February 2019 where a strong following over 100 registered players have enjoyed a clean friendly racing environment where how the game is played, rather than win at all costs approach by its members has seen a regular nightly racing by core of players lead in the beginning by the group’s founder DanZambe.

DanZambe took a leave of absence due to a change in circumstances and handed ricreene the keys. After a period of a reduced racing calendar of events, discussions with Burgs157 also a TTSR member (who had formed his own Endurance League), it was decided to spread the workload between them and a new larger racing league welcoming for the first time an international audience.

The Trailblazers server has now expanded even further, providing GT Sport racing 5 nights a week.

We hope that you will enjoy our expanded racing series and remember it is only as good as your participation, clean driving and ability to have a laugh.